List of Twelve Volume 2 True Crime Stories Book Cover By Ryan Becker


48 Terrifying True Crime Murder Cases

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Have you ever wondered what is in the mind of a killer? Are you fascinated by what makes someone snap and kill, or carry out a carefully planned murder?

In this second book in the series, List of Twelve Volume 2, author Ryan Becker examines 12 individuals who did just that and became notorious as a result.

From Blaine Norris and Ryan Trimble, who conspired to commit bloody murder for the sake of a film, to James Edward Pough who became a mass shooter after his car was repossessed, it is a frightening yet fascinating look at the sometimes-trivial things which set people onto a path of brutal killing and terror.

Each one made their darkest fantasies into a reality when they made the decision to kill and each one has earned their own terrible place in this gruesome hall of fame.

Get a copy of List of Twelve: Volume 2 and be prepared for an insight into the darkest recesses of dangerous minds like no other book before it.

I found it intriguing and refreshing. It gave the details needed but made sure not to lose the readers interest. I have always been interested in knowing more about the facts of the case and this book was the perfect place to get them.

Tina Ratttay-Green

Amazon Reader

Very, Very good. Grabbed my attention and held it!! I read a lot, and at 76 years old, it’s not easy to hold my attention, but Ryan Becker has done it!! Looking forward to more from this author!!

Bob Ayers

Amazon Reader