List of Twelve Volume 4 True Crime Stories Book Cover By Ryan Becker


12 Terrifying True Crime Murder Cases

What triggers activate an all-out rage that leads people to commit mass murder? What is the motive behind some of the most shocking killing sprees in US history?

Enter the chilling and murderous mind of a spree killer to find out.

In volume 4 of True Crime Stories, prepare for crimes like never before, as we examine what makes people snap and commit gruesome, calculated and disturbing crimes that will have you questioning about humanity.

Inside these pages, you will read some of America’s worst excesses in human behavior with notorious criminals like:
– Priscilla Ford
– Adam Lanza
– Michael Kenneth McLendon
– Dana Ewell
– Christopher Harper-Mercer
– And more…

Why would a 51-year-old woman use her car as the weapon to mow down a crowd of innocent people? And what caused a Korean immigrant to go on a bloody rampage at his school?

The answers, as always, are inside the mind and the stories of these 12 killers. Be prepared as we unfold their stories along with their violent acts.

Get your copy of True Crime Stories Volume 4 now and enter the unnerving and brutal world of mass killers!

How do I describe this author ? I don’t remember how I had first came across his writings , but I’m certainly glad I did. He writes with his own style and puts into perspective the research he has comprehensively done into writing true crime stories that will keep the reader coming back for more.

Evette Richards

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I’ve been an avid reader of horrors, but recently start watching ID and I’m addicted to murder/ crime shows. So, I decided to pick up a couple books in this new genre. This book was my very first book, and I can’t put it down.

Lost Lake

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