Weird True Stories That Sound Made Up

A Collection of Insane-But-True Stories About Pop Culture, Science, History, And More To Satisfy Your Curious Brain

Do you love head-scratchers, trivia, and strange history? Then this book is a must-read!

We’ve all heard wild stories that seem too impossible to be true—this book contains stories you’ve likely never heard of but need to read!

The world is often a strange place. Sometimes incredible tales fascinate and stick with us, but many interesting stories never become widely known. From what happened to Einstein’s brain to the strange trends in the 20’s and 30’s of trying to swallow something inedible—no, not a tide pod—these strange stories are sure to leave you wondering what the heck people are thinking.

This book makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys odd anecdotes, curious situations, and outlandish facts.

If you love the truly bizarre then this book is a must read! Don’t hesitate, scroll up and one-click buy your copy now, or gift this book to that friend who loves the unexpected. There are bound to be stories within that you’ve never heard or dreamed of!

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