True Crime Storytime

84 Unforgettable & Twisted True Crime Cases Throughout History That Haunted People For Decades (Decades of True Crime Stories Book 1)

Buckle up, true crime junkies! Forget Grandma’s mystery collection—this is something better!

Something that actually happened.

Prepare to dive into 84 unforgettable true crime stories that zip through seven decades of murder and mayhem.

From the roaring ’20s to the gritty ’90s, this is your ticket to a crime tour that’s more thrilling than a haunted roller coaster.

Some of these cases might ring a bell, while others will be fresh horrors you’ve never encountered. And some mysteries are still as cold as the killer’s heart.

This collection is like a time machine that stops at every dark alley of history’s most horrific crimes.

As you flip through the pages, you’ll meet two types of villains. There are the ones who could be your next-door neighbors, hiding their sinister deeds behind acts of normalcy. And then there are the ones who are unapologetically monstrous—what you see is definitely what you get.

Seven decades of crime and still, the debate rages on—are killers born, or are they made? As you explore the depths of human nature across these stories, see where you land on this eternal question.

Here’s just a teaser of the spine-chilling adventures that await inside:

The Nebraska Blood Trail – A teen fugitive and his girlfriend embark on a murder spree across Nebraska, brutally killing entire families, and sparking one of the most infamous manhunts of the 1950s.

The Townhouse Massacre – In a quiet Chicago neighborhood, a man invades a townhouse and methodically tortures and slaughters eight nursing students in a single, horrifying night.

The Gainesville Slasher – In a chilling sequence of days, five college students in Gainesville find themselves the targets of a deranged killer who not only murders them but grotesquely poses their bodies afterwards.

The .44 Caliber Killer – A series of seemingly random shootings by a lone gunman terrorizes New York City, as the killer sends mocking letters to police, revealing his delight in the chaos he’s caused.

The Angel of Death – Under the guise of care, a healthcare worker turns predator, stealthily exterminating dozens of unsuspecting patients through lethal injections and smotherings.

The Acid Bath Vanisher – In post-war England, a killer dissolves his victims in sulfuric acid, boasting of his crimes and claiming vampiric rituals, in one of the country’s most macabre cases.

The Classified Ad Predator – A serial killer lures his victims through personal ads, subjecting them to a night of terror before brutally ending their lives, leaving a trail of sorrow and fear.

Included in this collection:
Ruth Snyder and Henry Judd Gray, Henry Moity, Nannie Doss, Paul Pappas, Nathan Leopold, Richard Loeb, Henry Layer, William Edward Hickman, Louise Peete, Walburga “Dolly” Korschel, Heber L. “Jimmie” Hicks, Buck Ruxton, Lester Brockelhurst Junior, Bernice Felton, The Alligator Man Joe Ball, Nancy Bowen, Lila Jimerson, Mary Frances “Fanny” Creighton, Everett Applegate, Anna Marie Hahn, Toni Jo Henry, William Heirens, John George Haigh, James Waybern “Red” Hall, Monty Illingworth, John Christie, Thomas Henry McMonigle, Rhonda Belle Martin, Charles Raymond Starkweather, Harvey Glatman, David F. Early, Floyd “Lucky” Holzapfel, Joseph Peel, Leslie Irvin, Joseph “Mad Dog” Taborsky, Richard Speck, John Norman Collins, Chester Weger, Janie Lou Gibbs, Sharon Elizabeth Kinne, Edward W. Edwards, Steven Bradley, Joseph Corbett Jr., Joseph Raymond Scolaro III, John Feit, Frank and Harald Alexander, Thomas “Tom” Egley, Danny and Larry Ranes, David Berkowitz (Son of Sam), Randall Woodfield, Donald Harvey, The Angel of Death, Larry Eyler, The Highway Killer, Paul Snider, Bobby Joe Long, Kristin Gilbert, Michael Bear Carson and Susan Carson, Louis D. Hastings, Dorothea Puente, David (Shearing) Ennis, Robert Golub.