A Call from Hell

The True Story of Larry Gene Bell a Small-Town Monster and the Crime that Shook the Nation (True Crime Explicit Book 10)

Murder, kidnapping—in this community, it was the kind of stuff that only happened in movies.

No one could have thought it would happen to one of their own.

Dive into the story of Larry Gene Bell, one of the first killers who used phones to terrorize people.

Uncover the origins of this local monster as we peel back the layers of his past. Discover the complexities of his twisted personality that led to national attention.
Step by step, follow the details of Bell’s heinous, cunning acts, from victim selection to killing methods. You will see why it took innovative investigative techniques to get Bell behind bars.

Join us as we go beyond the headlines. Peek into a family’s descent into despair at the hands of a small-town monster. Experience a family’s fear and your outrage rising with each phone call and every detail of this story.

Ready to see why this case continues to echo in the modern world of true crime?

Step into the shadow of a monster. Grab your copy today

This man that I would like to kick in the …. because he just loves to keep on with poor family. Read for yourself and maybe you feel the same way.

Debbie Hill

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The writing is a bit dry and some of the information about killers seems like it just for filler. Not much background information given on who Larry Gene Bell was, how he grew up etc.


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