The Corpse Collector

The True Story of Dorothea Puente The Boarding House Killer

The Boarding House Killer; a true crime story about Dorothea Puente that’ll leave your spine tingling.

In this deep dive into this serial killer’s horrific actions, you’ll learn more about the evil deeds of the Boarding House Killer, Dorothea Puente. Get transported back to the 1980s, Sacramento, California. Learn the names of her victims and her heartless reasons for killing elderly and mentally disabled boarders under her care—if you dare.

The Newspapers dubbed her the Death House Landlady. You decide if that title is accurate as you learn exclusive facts of this case and follow the investigation and subsequent conviction of Dorothea.

Explore the true facts in this easy-to-read book that’ll keep you up all night. Get ready to leave the lights on! The twists and turns in this one will leave you breathless.

Dorothea Puente seemed like such a nice person to many as she ran her halfway house, but little did they know the evil inside her.

Great story about how a little girls severally messed up childhood could cause her to grow up into the evil woman she was to become.

This book is full of great facts and historical facts of Dorothea’s life. Written in a way that it’s not boring but draws you into the story.

If you enjoy true crime then the True Crime 7 books are a must read.

Shane Neely

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