48 Terrifying True Crime Murder Cases

Would you consider yourself the same after reading true crime stories?  

The horrific and disturbing nature of these stories often makes you question everything you thought or believed about humanity. Yet they are engaging and fascinating at the same time.

We all had evil thoughts throughout our lives. What is it that makes us different from those who actually act upon it? Is it the act alone? These are questions that many ask themselves, and these stories will help dig into the elements and psychology behind some of the most terrifying killers in history.

This collection includes four true crime books, volumes 1-4, and each is filled with a variety of murder cases, from spree killers to massacres to even cannibals. You will explore the background, the act, and the aftermath of their violent acts. Some pages will be painful to read, due to the detailed description of the violent acts and the emotions behind them.

Good stories of you love true crime ! We see crimes committed by people from all types of lifestyles. Just simply amazing what people will do to others ! Hours & hours of great stories! Kudos to Ryan Becker on great books!

D. West

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When it comes to books by Ryan Becker I find myself not being able to get enough. From his well-known crimes to the not so well known. Ryan Becker is a powerhouse of research and information. Not to mention it making the victims become real people into perpetrators be known as the scum they are.


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I love all of Ryan’s books! He is an amazing writer! This collection is great! I love that his stories are right to the point & no dragging on, even though with his writing I could read them forever! Even in the most published stories I still learn something new in his books!


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