Mary Flora Bell Book Cover By Ryan Becker


The Horrific True Story Behind An Innocent Girl Serial Killer

What can drive a young and seemingly innocent child to kill?

Murder is horrible enough when perpetrated by adults, and yet the concept takes on a whole new level of chilling morbidity when a murderer is revealed to be a young boy or girl. Is it the result of severe trauma manifesting itself in the most macabre of ways? Is it the progeny of some severe mental disorder? Or were they influenced by the actions of the people they grew up with?

Most of the time, the answers to such a question are simple but no less horrific.

Eleven-year-old Mary Flora Bell was tried and found guilty, in 1968, for the coldhearted murders of two very young boys – crimes which she committed without any hint of remorse. After her past and motives have been examined, hindsight asks the pressing question: Had Mary being a victim herself turned her into a killer?

In this expanded edition, the authors set out to discover what really happened to turn young Mary into an infamous killer. In addition to the previously printed material, you will find an all-new introduction and chapters filled with the author’s never before published in-depth study into what made Mary angry enough to kill and her life after the crimes.

From the details of her murders to the dark childhood she suffered, Mary Flora Bell’s short, but horrific, time as a child serial killer will be analyzed in detail within Mary Flora Bell: The Horrific True Story Behind An Innocent Girl Serial Killer.

It is unbelievable how the lack of love and proper upbringing can turn an 11 year old child into a murderer…The ending is a surprise and you will have to read the book for that shock.


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Ryan Becker really captured the horrible life that this child grew up in. If you are a reader of true crime and haven’t read his books, they are all great and well researched. I know when I see a new title by him I won’t be disappointed! Great book and subject!

Kathy Morgan

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