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30 Stories Of Real-Life Murderers That Escaped The Headlines

Will you be the same after experiencing the mind of a murderous killer? What will happen to your world view and your thought process after learning the WHY behind each horrific act?

The disturbing nature of these stories often makes you question everything you thought or believed about humanity. Yet they are engaging and fascinating at the same time.

We all had wicked thoughts throughout our lives. What is it that makes us different from those who act upon it? Is it that they have a stronger WHY? Were they born evil? These are all valid questions, and the stories in this 5-volume series will help dig into the elements and psychology behind these murderous minds.

Each of the 30 stories invites you to walk along with the murderers as they hunted, calculated, and devised sadistic plans to take lives and walk away scot-free.

Inside the pages of this collection, you will meet:

  • Sante Kimes, a 65-year-old mother whose insatiable greed pushed to her to commit heinous crimes with her son by her side;
  • Ronald Gene Simmons, a murderer who slaughtered 16 family members, including his daughter;
  • Tsutomu Miyazaki, a monster whose depravity knew no end;
  • Teenagers, who believed the impossible and weaponized it;
  • Unnerving tales of victims who never realized how much danger they were in until it was too late;
  • And so many more terrifying tales of the world’s most sadistic killers, cannibals, masters of manipulation, and mind-bending psychotics who roamed our streets, worked in the next cubicle and, quite possibly lived next door.

So, will you be the same after reading these stories? There is only one way to find out. Get your copy of Murderous Minds: 30 Stories of Real-Life Murderers that Escaped the Headlines today!

Ryan Becker is growing strong in the literary scene, a handsome young man with a penchant for the gruesome. His many books are highly respected. According to the biographical information, Ryan aims to write all the stories he has read and watched and letting himself be taken into the world of true mysteries and psychological murder crime stories.

Grady Harp

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If you want to peak into the dark side, this will provide everything you need. It borders on another level of evil reading this series and you must prepare yourself to be frightened, disturbed, and dirty after reading them all. But their way of writing the stories are perfect and you keep wanting to read more.

Academic Hustler

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