500 Insomnia-Inducing True Crime Facts And Details To Keep You Up All Night

True crime fanatics – Here is a trivia book made for you!

This bloody, eye-opening true crime trivia collection contains a staggering 500 facts, statistics, and figures—enough to keep you enthralled for ages. In addition, a bonus “Q&A” segment includes questions frequently posed to the authors by crime enthusiasts, with topics ranging from forensics to crime statistics. “What makes someone become a cannibal?” All the information you need to impress your friends over dinner!

Murder on the mind? Captivated by criminals and serial killers? Nothing to be ashamed of! Dissecting the diabolical is a worthy venture, and this book is a boon to every crime junkie. It’s a page-turner that boasts excerpts of interviews with experts in the field, short retellings of cases, quotes from killers, and little-known facts about well-known cases. Sprinkled amongst the freaky facts are amazing anecdotes, too, including the tale of the dog tried for murder. You’ll also find a quiz in the back and get to test your full knowledge. Let the fun begin!

Beware, however, for these are things that can’t be unlearned—and you won’t soon forget them. The world may never look the same again. So, are you ready?

Great book. I have a FB true crime group and we do a lot of trivia This book is great for that. It’s also a great and interesting read. Love it!


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So many facts, and a lot you didn’t know. For someone looking for information on a serial killer but doesn’t want to read a a whole biography then you will enjoy this book. Even if you do think you know all about a serial killer, bet you’ll still find something you didn’t know.

Shane Neely

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