The Doctor from Hell

The True Story of Harold Shipman One of Britain’s Most Prolific Serial Killer With an Estimated 218 Victims (True Crime Explicit Vol 7)

If you were a patient of this prolific serial killer doctor, you’re lucky to be alive.

Meet Harold Shipman, a serial killer with a disturbing proclivity to murder a specific kind of patient. With an estimated 250 victims, there’s no doubt his kill count might be much, much higher. But what drove him to murder?

You’ll have to read on to find out.

But we’ll warn you now, this story might haunt your nightmares and leave you scared to go to your next checkup. When you learn the truth of Harold’s crimes, and what happened to him in the end, you’ll be stunned, dismayed, and no doubt left with the kinds of questions that have no easy answers. So buy this book and learn the twisted truth… if you dare.