The Farm from Hell

The True Story of Belle Gunness Indiana’s Lady Bluebeard Men Butcher (True Crime Explicit Book 8)

Belle Gunness—victim turned murderer or stone-cold killer? You decide!

From poverty to lucky in love, Belle found her happy ending with a man named Mads… or so everyone thought. But when the wealthy Mads died a mysterious death, Belle collected the life insurance policy and remarried… only for her new husband to drop dead. With things going from strange to sinister, more men mysteriously die or go missing around Belle.

The hair-raising details of this shocking tale will haunt you from start to finish.

With mysteries surrounding this case that may never be solved, it’s up to you to decide Belle’s true fate, the real number of victims left in her wake, and the horrors the walls of that homestead saw.

If walls could talk, we’d certainly shy away from that boardinghouse in Indiana…

I really liked the book. Hey I always like this guy’s books. But this one mean lady that loved used men for their money and that’s all. She didn’t know how to love or care for any one. That’s my opinion.

Debbie Hill

Amazon Reader

This terrifying true crime story of a woman named Belle who owned a farm and married men for their money, shortly after marrying them would murder them. She has no conscious and her end is still a mystery .. great book and I love the way this was written. No details are spared.

Casey bates

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