The Garden of Evil

The True Story of Herb Baumeister and The Disturbing Horror at The Fox Hollow Farm (True Crime Explicit Book 9)

Meet the I-70 Strangler who threw away eleven bodies like yesterday’s garbage in this chilling true crime expose.

Herb Baumeister – known by those closest to him as a successful businessman, family man, and later, one of America’s most notorious serial killers. But there must be a reason for such a transition, right?

While eleven murders are ultimately attributed to him, many believe he could be responsible for a lot more deaths.

But who is Herb Baumeister, really? Read this book and uncover the horror he visited on his victims while living a convincing double life as a contributing member of society. This story proves that sometimes the people we know or love the most might be monsters simmering just under the surface.

Start your exploration now, and you might never see people the same ever again.

Another 5 star book from Team Seven. This is really interesting, well written and keeps your interest every page. You should read this!!

Joyce Carroll

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I like how detailed the book was from start to finished. I would highly recommend this book to any true crime reader.

Lost Lake

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