The Ultimate True Crime Trivia Book:

A Compilation of Fascinating Facts & Disturbing Details About Infamous Serial Killers, Mysteries, Cold Cases & Everything In Between (True Crime Gift Essential)

Ever been hooked on crime shows exploring notorious criminals and unsolved mysteries?

Curious about the most talked-about serial killers? Or those lesser-known ones that still give chills?

Eager to get the full story on insane couples who killed together or those elusive killers still on the run?

How about diving into cold cases that remained unsolved for decades, or the ones that finally got cracked open? Ever thought about what happened to those people who just vanished without a trace?

Well, “The Ultimate True Crime Trivia Book” will satisfy those burning curiosities.

  • Dive into the world of the obscure serial killers the world has ever seen.
  • Uncover the shocking tales of killer couples and duos, proving sometimes terror comes in twos.
  • Meet deadly women who’ve left a lasting legacy in the annals of crime.
  • Step into the shadows with lesser-known and even active killers. Who knows where they might be?
  • Dive deep into the intricacies of cold cases that are hauntingly unresolved.
  • Delve into tales of those who mysteriously vanished, leaving behind more questions than answers.
  • Read the harrowing stories of families forever changed by unspeakable horrors.
  • Explore bizarre mysteries that’ll leave you scratching your head.
  • And when you need it, find some semblance of closure with tales of cold cases that found justice.

True crime stories are everywhere – from our screens to podcasts, capturing our imaginations and haunting our dreams. It’s raw, it’s real, and it’s a deep dive into humanity’s dark side.

Whether you think you’ve heard it all or are just getting started, “The Ultimate True Crime Trivia Book” is your next must-read.

I enjoyed reading this. I am generally fascinated by topics like these but have not read many books on these types of subjects. The style of writing is in fact easy to read and that was nice. It’s not always a subject that is easy to read about but this book did a good job and was a really good read.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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