True Crime Explicit Anthology

Explore Over 700 Pages of Disturbing Stories Detailing The Horrific Sins of Seven Serial Killers For Your Nighttime True … (7 Book True Crime Explicit Collection 1)

Explore the true crime series that doesn’t skim over the vile details of horrific crimes.

Everyone has had wicked thoughts throughout their lives, but what makes these 7 serial killers so different? Is it because they acted upon it? Is it their way of thinking? Or was it their upbringing?

Well, these questions will be explored in this incredible collection of 7 serial killer books. With over 700 pages detailing the horrific acts of these killers’ sins, one thing is for sure. You will begin to question everything you thought or believed about humanity.

This collection features:

  • The Vampire of Sacramento: The True Story of Richard Chase The Blood-Thirsty Cannibal
  • The Butcher Baker: The True Story of Robert Hansen The Human Hunter
  • The Butcher of Humanity: The True Story of Carl Panzram a Product of Hatred and Vengeance
  • The Corpse Collector: The True Story of Dorothea Puente The Boarding House Killer
  • The House from Hell: The True Story of Gertrude Baniszewski One of America’s Most Notorious Torture Mom
  • The Deadly Soap-Maker of Correggio: The True Story of Leonarda Cianciulli a Superstitious Mother Who Turned Victims Into Soaps and Cakes
  • The Doctor from Hell: The True Story of Harold Shipman One of Britain’s Most Prolific Serial Killer With an Estimated 218 Victims

Each book will allow you to travel into different stories. You will learn about their backgrounds, what caused them to kill and how they planned their crimes.

But beware: Some pages will be difficult to read.

The detailed description of these violent acts and the emotions behind them are nightmare fuels.

Get your copy now if you are ready to journey alongside these monsters from hell.

I really like reading all of them. But the one that got me the most was the human vampire. And don’t forget the lady that was so mean to her children.

Debbie Hill


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As usual with this group, we’ll-researched and we’ll written.

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