True Crime Solved

27 Solved Cold Cases That Bring Closure to Disturbing Crimes

If seeing cold cases solved and closed forever brings you comfort, then this is the book for you!

While some of these cases are sure to tickle the memory of any true crime enthusiast, some might just be new to you. One thing all these cold cases have in common is that they’ve finally been solved; some with incredibly shocking outcomes. From The Bear Brook Murders to the 1959 Slaying of Candice Rogers, these cases are sure to leave you shocked.

This book also makes a great gift for fans of true crime!

Cold cases hold a special place in our hearts—most people agree that victims never finding justice is incredibly sad. For these victims, though, the truth has come out, sometimes decades later. Look back on these truly disturbing cases and learn the facts that finally broke all twenty-seven cases.

Team Seven is one of my favourite authors so my expectations were high. Not disappointed.


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Debbie Hill

Amazon Reader Reviews