Terrifying Murder Cases For Your Night Time True Crime Binge

Would you consider yourself the same after reading true crime stories? We can test that idea with 86 terrifying murder cases that keep you on your toes!

The horrific and disturbing nature of these stories often makes you question everything you thought or believed about humanity. Yet they are engaging and fascinating at the same time.

Everyone has had wicked thoughts in their lives but what makes these murderers so different? Is it because they acted upon it? Is it their way of thinking?

That is probably what you are thinking of, right? Most people do wonder what goes on in the minds of such people; whether they feel a sense of remorse or a sense of guilt.

Presenting the True Crime Stories Anthology collection which covers 86 crime stories that will help you dig into the elements and psychology behind some of the more terrifying killers in history.

This collection features:

  • All Volumes of List of Twelve Series: Tells of murderers who are not as well known as others but their crimes are just as bad as those who were highly publicized.
  • All Volumes of Murderous Minds Series: Dive into the minds of these killers and know their background, details of their crime, and the aftermath.
  • All Volumes of Real Crime By Real Killers Series: Read about the relived tales of serial killers who brought their darkest desires to life.

This collection offers different murders with different stories. You will learn about their background, what caused them to become a murderer and how they planned out their crime. Some pages will be difficult to read, due to the detailed description of the violent acts and the emotions behind them.

Get your copy now if you are ready to journey alongside these different murderous minds.

Absolutely fantastic and what a great price! Great cases and amazing writing style! So happy to own this huge box set.

Kathy Morgan

Amazon Reader

Love Team Seven, have read all the books and they are 5 stars. Very interesting and so well written…. Can’t wait for the next book…Thank you

Joyce Carroll

Amazon Reader