True Crime Storytime Volume 7

12 Disturbing True Crime Stories to Keep You Up All Night

A family vacation that took a dark turn where no one came back. And when they do, it was in the most gruesome way possible.

A girl goes missing while biking. The only clue appeared miles away later. A picture of her, tied up.

In this true crime collection, you’re going to explore more insane stories that led to many sleepless nights for the police.

From an unknown Florida serial killer to a killing nurse taking the lives of 35+ patients.

Join us as we explore the stories of these murderous minds so you can witness the transition from humans to monsters.

Get your copy now and see whether these crimes will change your view of the world as they did for many in the past.

This is a very good series of volume 7 I love reading this true crime volume this is a awesome read for anyone who love true crime will love this volume.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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Debbie Hill

Amazon Reader Reviews