The Horrific True Stories Of The Garden State Killers

Will You Think of New Jersey the Same After You Learn About Horrifying Events That Unraveled There?

Are you a true crime fanatic? A real murderino? Would you like to delve into a chilling darkness and explore the minds of some of the most notorious New Jersey killers?

Tread carefully because these stories are not for faint-hearted. They will shock you, they will horrify you and chill you to your very core—a perfect addition to the collection of any true murderino out there.

Take a peek inside and find out what made these cold-blooded killers so devious and ruthless. When? Where? How? Why? These are the answers that will be revealed to you through a narration style you never encountered before.

Forget about boringly and plainly laid out pieces of information and facts. Instead, imagine a scary horror story, except that these ones are infinitely more terrifying because every single word is true.

Inside of Murderers In New Jersey, you will find eight gruesome and most horrifying true stories of the infamous Garden State killers.

Here is what this collection of true crime stories can offer you:

  • John List – Family Annihilator
  • Richard Kuklinski – The Iceman
  • Richard Biegenwald – The Thrill Killer
  • Corey Hamlet – The Grape Street Crips
  • Robert Reldan – Ten Million Dollar Killer
  • Richard Cottingham – The Torso Killer
  • Khalil Wheeler-Weaver – Caught by a Dead Woman
  • Robert Zarinsky: Caught by a Missing Woman


Will your heart and mind be able to handle the horror that awaits inside? Read now if you dare!

5 stars again, I love the Team Seven books.. I cant wait for the next one. I’ve read every book they’ve put out, they are amazing!!!

Joyce Carroll

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Great Book as always. I love the fact that the books are written well and are written tastefully without all the gory details. It makes for an interesting read.

Deborah Hanson

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